The City of New Haven and beyond

Into the sewers and then the forest

S'oryl and Rob Having just found the disturbed grate into the sewers near the kidnapping soon realize that there strength alone will not allow them to bend the bars any further.  After returning to the Long Sword Tavern and finding there companions it takes only a moment to convince Decaril that his strength is needed.  "Children found? then why we here?  You show, I bend!"  But it in fact takes the combined strength of Decaril, the dwarven warrior Lode and some help from S'oryl to part the bars enough to allow eveyone easy access. 


The tunnel stretches ahead in darkness for as far as even Lode can see who is used to being far underground and away from the light of the sun.  So they begin the trek into the dank waters of New Havens waste.  It takes no more than ten minutes before Guernan stops and quite simply says "enough, it smells, it's wet, this is not what I expected when I agreed to come along!"  although it really takes little convincing to get her to change her boots with some help from Zoltan and the group continues along carefully examining each wall, looking for some hint that they are not on a wild goose chase.  It is decaril, who has hunted everything that can be eaten who sees up ahead a glimpse of color that is completely out of place.  A strip of clean leather sticks out about a fingers length from the side of the muck that swirls around everyones feet.  As he pulls it up he finds himself holding a child size jerkin, and soon sees a small handprint in the dirt and grim near to the simple jerkin.  Ah but now there is excitement.  Steps are surer, confidence has grown as each and everyone knows that something must be ahead.  

Although after another hour passes and then nearly another the doubt starts to sink in, have they missed something, could it be that there was a secret door so cleverly hidden that none noticed it?  But that is when Zoltans Bat's mental confusion hits zoltan hard… as he deciphers his familiars thoughts he realizes that the bat is confused that all the rats it has been chasing and teasing have vanished… they are simply all gone…

It is then that Decaril and Lode walk round a bend only to see a large room hollowed out from the tunnel, but what really grabs there attention is the barrage of crude spears that are launched at them, although surprised they both get by with nothing more than a few scratches.  A long battle with blue skinned creatures that stand 4 feet tall and are completely hairless and communicate in a gutteral tongue that sounds like gravel being sifted through a sieve.  And alongside these creatures are scores of rats, it would seem that all the rats from the tunnels have come forth and bit and latch on to anyone unfortunate to come near them.  With a roar that rocks and resounds through the tunnels Load launches himself headlong into the creatures midst followed by Decaril.  A long battle follows and when several more creatures including two in robes and one in plate as well as more rats emerge after the dwarven war cry things look grim… with blood dripping from several wounds and Hewitt having used all of Tymora's gifts to keep his friends from falling the battle ends.  With nearly two score dead bodies littering the chamber and one terified creature left alive decaril and load are none to gentle in asking about the children.  but three of the missing children are found.  and everyone notes that a strange symbol is found on each of the creatures, as well as a curious gem with a silver flaming hand reaching out of it.  A most curious object.  having found the children and in rough shape the group decides to grab three of the bodies and alert the cities watch and hopefully find some Eravium nights.  This must be brought to the council's attention.

In short order they are given an audience with the council and learn much after some magical scrutiny discerns that they are truthful and who they say they are.  They learn that the creatures are servants of LOKI god of mischief and lies. As well they learn that the children they rescued all ran away and can not be found.  Further the unexplored chamber leads to a merchant lord Bluto's mansion which has been searched but there is no sign of any blue beings, bluto, or anyone else.

The group is charged to go and to his keep in the forest a few days ride and to discern what devilry is afoot one way or another.  

The party decides to travel out and find the keep and see what Bluto is really up to.  

The journey is not an easy one as there is no road to follow, and only a vague idea of where the keep lies.  And each day brings some sort of challenge to the party.  On one day a group of half ogre-orc marauders try there luck against them but are slain in short order.  Another day a group of nearly 20 orc raiders ambush the group and after being peppered with arrows a sleep spell and decarils blade with loads axe and s'oryls bow make short work of them, although Zoltan has a moment that haunts him for the whole night, for as the battle ends a brown bear stalks into the clearing and rears up to its massive 9 foot height right in front of him and bellows at him!  Rather than argue with the bear the party decides it is time to leave and let the bear feast on the corpses of the orcs.  

But it on the fifth day that something happens.

Stalking through the woods with an escarpment to there left the see through the woods a group of four men in green cloaks and green chain armour in front of a cave relaxing.  Lode Decaril and Rob decide to approach them straightforward.  while Zoltan and guernan stay well back and hidden, rob is also off t the side, and S'oryl silently moves to within a breath of the four without them ever knowing he is there.  As the three approach the men rise and stare hard at the group.  "ah, so you come to give tribute, it is good for it has been long and overdue".  At this load confused or stubborn, or arrogant… states "tribute? we are dragon slayers wandering the woods, what tribute do you speak of?".  At this statement two handed broadswords that glow with a greenish light are drawn and each face grows hard immediately… Rob Trying to salvage the situation offers fifty gold as tribute which lessons the tension but at that moment S'oryl seemingly materializes right behind one of the four with his sword in the small of his back and demands that this end here and now… in a flash two of the four in green are upon decaril and load there magical blades eviscerating and causing near fatal wounds, if not for decarils incredible stamina and hewitts preparation of healing magic through sanctuary they would have fallen in those first moments.  As it is S'oryl attempts to skewer the man in front but he twists and though the sword thrust goes deep it is not fatal and both turn to hack at s'oryl, only his incredible agility saves him from falling then and there.  Zolan and Guernan from seeming safety fire magical attacks at the group and rob takes a sword thrust that cleaves him from shoulder to hip and turns and retreats trying to hold his body together and knowing that any thing could push him unconscious in a moment.  It is then that ankhegs rise out of the ground around the seemingly safe wizards and start spitting acid at them… a dark dark moment… but tymora was smiling over them it would seem as they managed to evade the fours blades time and again and Hewitt was there with healing magics to continuously keep his companions from deaths door… but even his magic ran out… but the four fell…  thanks in no small part to the axe of lode, and realizing the precarious situation the group is in they grab what they can and flee the scene.  They move fast and hard going far not wanting to know what else there is in the forest nearby. 

That night they carefully prepare a watch, hiding in trees, and some completely concealing themselves…

It is when the moon is at its highest that it happens… 

one moment the clearing is empty the next the single most beautiful elven woman is standing there, her hair a deep and dark green like moss… her eyes though are a green that glints like metal.  "little mice, come out, come out… I know you are there, and you really don't want me to come and find you."  "Who YOU" bellows decaril from his perch in his tree bow string taught and her supple back dead in his line.  "ah, but little mice, when you walk through a forest you should know who it belongs to… besides you knew enough to kill those that were mine and then to take what is mine."  no anger no emotion, you would think this elven maiden was talking with a friend about the latest gossip.  At this lode realizing just how precarious the parties situation is having remembered talk of a green dragon of the forest named evengreenintide comes forward with an apology for the great lady and lays the magical sword before.  The lady inclines her head at the respectful treatment and the metalic glint in her eyes softens just a fraction.   In fact it is lode's quick thinking that most likely halted a much more violent reaction from such a volatile beast.  .  S'oryl thinking to run starts to come down the tree and is just about to turn when she says "ah, don't run, or maybe do…. sport is sport after all…"  Decaril blunt as every asks "how we know this your forest?"  It lasts only a moment, but everyone breath catches in their throats and terror fills  the hearts of all as a for just an instant a tremendous green dragon stands in their midst dwarfing the trees… and then there is only the lady who is laughing softly… Hewitt begins to talk but she looks at him and with words imbued with magic demands "your goddess is not here, sit and be silent" and hewitt falls to his buttocks and finds that he can not open his mouth.  "now little mice you owe me four men, she looks appreciatively at decaril who just stands his ground, but wisely says nothing.  "ah, you know of bluto?  stunned nods from everyone…  "I want him alive and three of his retainers alive brought to me for the men you took from me.  Do you understand little mice?  You have a week…. after which you are mine…  good bye little mice" and just as she appeared she is gone with all of the gear and the bodies of the four men the party had slain. 


They all find it very hard to sleep that night wondering just what sort of bargain they had put themselves in, and would it be honored…. 





“Good thing we ambushed the dragon’s henchmen I say. We were obviously lost and the green garbed dragon pawns weren’t any help for the 50gps we paid them. We could’ve gotten better direction from a prostitute back in town for 1/3 what we paid the arrogant tools. Not so arrogant now are they? Not much anything now. I know some of the ingrates in the group would say I was impulsive, but at least we have concrete directions to this Bluto person now, instead of wandering around aimlessly like deer hunted by packs of orc kin, or for that matter, the same green dragon that now has use for us…usefulness that is keeping us alive in her territory now. Not to mention knowledge of a dragon lair we can plunder at a later time. Yes. Not everybody is capable of seeing all the angles, fewer still are capable of drawing their own. With all due respect to the cleric and his god, S’orryl makes his own luck.”

-S’orryl “The Shadowstep”


Lode not notice Dragon people say serve Dragon. Lode need listen better.

Drecaril like priest of Luck. He talk funny, fight bad, but heal good. Like him. Ty … Luck God. nicer to serve than Crom. But not rely on luck. Rely on self.

Yes, axe of Lode did small part in killing swordsmen.

Drecaril not go up. Too many. He hid. Only attacked when swordsmen attacked.

Lode act like woman before Evangreenintide. Showed fear. Respect good. Fear bad. She has honour, take weregild. We pay. Like her. Not kill her later.

S’orryl fool. Fight when not needed. Only fight when need. Good fighter, though. At least from back.

Others not warriors. But good to have in fight even so. All stand by friends. None run. Good. Can trust.

Magic useful. Not rely on it, though. Trust to sword.


“Ye dem fool bararian, ye can’t talk t’Dragons like yer barkeep. Ya need to treat them like ye’re at court, like they’re royalty. I’been thinkin’over that chase how important diplomacy would have been the last couple o’fights, and mouthin’ off at her like we did at the guards weren’t something we could get away with. Anyway, as fer not hearin’, maybe ye were too far away, at the back, but I din’ hear them say ‘dragon minions’ and I was right there. ...An wait, how can ye say ‘Evangreenintide’ an ye can’t say Tymora?!”


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