The City of New Haven and beyond

The Group

Rob, Decaril, Load, Hewitt, S'oryll, Guernan, and Zoltan come together

Rob having recently arrived to new haven in search of slavers finds himself talking with Zoltan and S'oryll who have been frequenting the Inn of the Long Sword since their arrival from the Eravium city of Seriandum.  They talk little of the journey or of any past exploits but do share an interest in the incidents of missing children from the working side of New Haven.  Between the three, although Rob's natural story telling ability and ease of making feel comfortable offers him much information about the last three children to go missing and the locations of where it happens.  Although it is S'oryll who is able to find a sewer grate that has been bent oddly near the kidnappings and is the only real lead to be found.  In the meantime a priest of Hermes ( god of flight, adventurers, luck) named Hewitt who has recently come to town to talk with an estranged uncle and is also greatly concerned for the missing of young ones who have not had the opportunity to dare the unknown and to test luck and the ladies three.  To add to the mix is Guernan, a strikingly beautiful elf who is quiet and withdrawn but seems to have her own reasons for investigating the situations finds herself drawn into the circle of adventurers. Rounding out the group is Load, a cousin to Blackforge Gardengarrrden who is on the council and finds himself traveling far from the citadel in search of proving himself worthy of the name blackforge being a young and restless Dwarf but never short of courage, although sometimes short of foresight, and just arriving is Drecaril, a great man with striking black hair.  One of the North People, as hard and strong as the mountains that he lived.  What has brought him to New Haven is a mystery but upon hearing that those that could not defend themselves where being taken, a dark light filled his eyes and he vowed that this wrong should be righted.  Although with his limited grasp of the common tongue he often appears slow of wits and quick to anger.  Although those who have seen him tending to his kitten that he is inseperable from see a kindness and tenderness that would shock many. 



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