Tough but not the sharpest sword in the sheath


A/C – 17 or 18 (chain shirt, Dex 16, dodge feat)

Str – 18

Con – 19

Dex – 16

Wis – 14


Uses a 2 handed sword and a short bow. 



A clansman from the north lands, Drecaril is rather reticent about his background and why he is now in New Haven.

Despite being tougher than nails he has quite the soft side, doting on his kitten SwiftClaw. He is quite gentle to the weak and will not tolerate people harming the weak. He has already come to blows with his companion Load when the latter cuffed a child who was being uncooperative.

Drecaril is a good tracker and survivalist as well as an expert fighter.

His command of common sometimes leaves just the smallest amount to be desired :-)


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