The city of new haven is the farthest outpost of the Eravium Kingdom (a human kingdom) which is the first foothold east across the Sea of Woe. The story of this city is one that is lost as nearly 100 years ago the original city was razed to the ground in an unknown event. But now it is once again a prosperous and numerous city full of those who are looking to create a future for themselves outside of the watchful eyes of Ervium VI.

A motley group has found themselves bonded together not so much through friendship but through common interest. Having been at the same tavern on the dockside between 12 days and 2 days they have gotten to know each other and have decided to join together for the moment in common cause.

Ah new haven, a city that combines the fabulous wealth of many merchant guilds with the strong battle ready council that will do anything to protect the city, and then there are those with nothing to lose, nothing to gain who are content to work out their days on the docks just happy to be away from the kingdom… it is a strange mix, with a deep and completely untamed forest for miles and miles in every direction. It is the trade of the dwarven citadel to the north ruled by the clan Blackforge and the Elven nation to the south which has created such a rewareding location. But there is danger, several goblinoid tribes and worse roam freely claiming the land as there own, and to the north are the north people of the mountains. Barbarians of fabulously strength and fortitude that do not stray far than the mountians they call home.

The City of New Haven and beyond

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